The Daily News

The Daily News () is a morning tabloid newspaper that once was one of the largest in the world. Founded in 1919, the newspaper attracted readers with sensational stories of crime and scandal, lurid photographs, and entertainment features. It was the first successful tabloid in the United States. In addition to its city news coverage, the paper included celebrity gossip, classified ads, comics, and a sports section.

In recent years, newspapers have been hit hard by the rise of digital news consumption. Their print circulation has been declining, while their website traffic has been decreasing, too. The decline has been particularly sharp among the top 50 daily newspapers, which make up a significant percentage of total U.S. daily newspaper circulation. This article examines patterns in weekly and daily newspaper digital audiences to identify trends that may help inform the future of newspaper business models.

Newspapers are critical to the American media landscape, but they’ve been facing a difficult transition to a digital-first world. Their traditional advertising revenues have been dropping for decades, while their readership is shifting to online platforms and new sources of content. This trend has been accelerated by the proliferation of ad-blocking technology, which has led to decreased traffic to newspaper websites.

This collection of resources for navigating the changing landscape of journalism and sustaining a strong, democratic civic society includes reports on how digital advertising is evolving, how it’s affecting the revenue streams of major newspapers, and the implications for civic engagement in our democracy.

Despite the ongoing digital transformation, newspaper advertising remains one of the most valuable and influential forms of local commercial advertising in America. The News’s long history as one of the most prestigious and profitable newspapers in the country has given it unique insight into how to leverage this platform.

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